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In case you’re wondering, I play at tennis. This is as opposed to playing tennis. Not quite good enough for that, but hilarious with our local group of dabblers. I’m coming to think the better you get at something, the less you enjoy it. I’ve known people who stop playing golf because it’s so frustrating when the body doesn’t do exactly what the mind tells it to. Them darned uncooperative muscles.

Oh, well, that’s the advantage of nerd-dom. Nerdishness? Nerdocity? Anyway, we don’t have to worry about being jocks, ’cause it ain’t gonna happen. Instead, we get to celebrate the joys of incompetence, and delight in every shot that makes it over the net, particularly when it stays in bounds. We firmly believe in the million-monkeys-with-a-million-tennis-rackets theory, for occasionally we accomplish something quite spectacular, and enjoy it far more than those who expect such success.

A similar theory works for foods, like the entire wine food group. The less you know, the more you can enjoy the cheap stuff. And for some of us, this is a tremendous advantage. Maybe I’m missing the gene for fine-tuned taste discrimination. Except I do enjoy high quality dark chocolate more than the cheaper alternatives. Could be there are lots of taste-related genes. Hmmm.

Speaking of chocolate, I hope you realize there would be stunning advantages to gene therapy. Correcting/eliminating a certain pair of allergies should be a high priority for scientists—for every child should have the right to enjoy chocolate and peanuts. (This is important, people!)  😉

Okay, enough for now. Enjoy!

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