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This is the website of Charley Pearson (a.k.a. me). It's where they send you to start.  There's not much here.  Really.  If I were you, I'd try another page.

It's out, as of April Fool's Day 2016!  A
vailable in paper (ISBN 978-0-9972993-0-4) or on Amazon -- and you can download a free Kindle sample from Amazon just to see if it's your cuppa pomegranate juice. (Details below.)

HE MARIANATED NOTTINGHAM . . . because it’s about time someone told the truth about Robin Hood. I mean, think about it. Here’s this poor sheriff trying to start the world’s first national park to protect the declining deer population, and redneck Robin Hood hunts. And don’t even get me started on Richard. First he’s in France killing his father to take the throne, then he’s gallivanting off on crusades, then getting kidnapped by Germans, then back to France again. No wonder the English thought he was a good king. He was never around. (Hey, I warned you not to get me started.)

That one’s a full-length screenplay. Then tack on a wild collection of skits, short stories, and deranged doggerels (ballads―poetry for people who hate “real” poetry―solid meter, strict rhyme, and no redeeming social value). A little fantasy, a dash of sci-fi, and most all of it quite off-the-wall. Twenty-five things total. And no, I do not promise to stop writing this stuff.

If they ever make this into movie, it would err on all channels. (sic)  (yeah, I know, my humor can be sic)

That's all. Now go.  Shoo.  Nothing else to see.  Move it along!

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