Just got a 5-star review of the draft manuscript for my YA-historical, “Ripple in the Sea,” from Wow. Always so cool to find a happy reader! (It was reviewed in the “fiction-historical-event/era” category, since they don’t have “YA-historical.”) Here’s what they said:

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Ripple in the Sea by Charley Pearson is the story of Kristy Hara, a Japanese-American girl who is trying to redeem her family name, only to find that it is far too dangerous and hard for a young girl like her. Kristy has never enjoyed living with her family. While her father is a meek man, her mother is one to look out for. However, when she finds out that her mother has betrayed her country, young Kristy is determined to clear her family name. So, she plans to get inside the Japanese prisoner of war camps and try to save as many people as she can. She wants to save them from the horrors of torture but little did she know that she was about to step into a place where nothing would be in her control. She has no idea who she can trust, who is loyal to whom and what is it that she can actually do. But now she is in the middle of it and there is no turning back.

I thought this would be a somewhat modern rendition of Mulan, but it was so much better. I enjoyed the flow of the story and the narrative, even though it was written in the first-person narrative. The author kept a slow steady pace, ensuring that the characters had time and page space to bloom and enough pages for the story to become alive in front of me. The first-person narrative brought me up close and personal with Kristy. I could feel her tension and experience her hardships. She was a naïve girl in the beginning, but towards the end, she was a mature person who understood the consequences and made intelligent decisions. This novel was filled with drama, action and well-researched information that made this an intense yet entertaining read. Very impressive.

Killer Nashville Writers Conference

I’ll be attending the Killer Nashville conference starting August 22, 2019. These are always fun. Great panel discussions on many topics. My medical thriller SCOURGE is in the running for a Silver Falchion award, and people can now vote in the Readers’ Choice awards category. Feel free! (You might have to hit control-F, or the equivalent for Apple, and search for Charley or Pearson or Scourge to find me and vote.) Maybe I’ll see you there?

Site Hacked – again

Hi, all. Sorry for the problems accessing my site the past few weeks. The server company got hacked, and weird things happened for a while. Like, you’re just now seeing the post for April Fool’s Day. Ah, well, they seem to have things working now, in part because I changed the background theme. You like? There are plenty more options to choose from, so maybe I should switch around until we find one we like.

Cya! – Charley

April Fool’s Day

This one isn’t a joke. It’s serious. This book will rot your brain cells. (OK, not really, but it could make you choke on your coffee. More than once.) And it won an award for best anthology at the 2017 Killer Nashville writers conference, so it may be worth your time if you’re even a trace bit Pythonesque. Try a free Kindle sample, maybe. Or send it to your worst enemy. (heh, heh)

SCOURGE now available as self-pub

Alas, the SCOURGE publisher has folded. Too many books, not enough income, apparently. So now this medical thriller is self-published. Available from your local bookstore via Ingram Spark (ISBN 978-0997299328) or from Amazon at (links there for either paperback or Kindle).

Or — Click my name at the Amazon site to see a link to the humor anthology, “The Marianated Nottingham and Other Abuses of the Language.” Because it’s about time someone told the Sheriff of Nottingham’s side of the story — i.e., the truth about Robin Hood. (heh, heh)


SCOURGE publisher folding

Sad news for the writing community. On December 5, 2018, Fiery Seas Publishing announced their closure. Authors (including me) will have their material become self-published vice commercially. Alas, another potential market has been lost.
Off to work on formatting for re-release of e-book and (finally) release of paperback. Coming soon.
Reviews previously posted, like on Amazon . . . well, not sure what will happen to them. Depends on whether the account transfers to me, or I have to re-release via new account. We’ll see. Meanwhile, reviews posted elsewhere, like on the San Francisco Review of Books, should be fine.
Busy, busy!

SCOURGE Book Blog Tour

Whoa, check out the review of medical thriller SCOURGE here at San Francisco Review of Books! Such an honor.

Interviews and other reviews still coming in, and I’m posting links on Facebook & Twitter. One of the reviews got copied to Goodreads and another is on Instagram. Here’s a third and a fourth.

Plus, of course, there are reviews on Amazon. Shooting for 50, so the analytics recognize it as popular. Wanta join in? Super short works fine.

And then there are the interviews, like this one, and this two, and this three, and one with an excerpt, and yup, another, and again, and wow!

Fun, fun. And such a feeling to know my tale has reached some people. (Buy links here, or click on cover photo below.