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Horrified over her mother’s treason,
desperate to redeem her family’s honor,
a Japanese-American girl infiltrates a
World War II Japanese prisoner-of-war camp
to free victims of medical experiments.

That’s the plan, anyway . . . .

A historical novel that offers a unique glimpse
into civilian life in wartime Japan.

This novel was filled with drama, action,
and well-researched information
that made this an intense yet entertaining read.
Very impressive.

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This is a story I had to write, thanks to my father’s experiences in the Pacific Theater during World War II, after which he suffered from PTSD. It’s been 75 years since the end of that war, and in all that time very little has been published regarding civilian life in wartime Japan (Historical Notes at the end list a few examples; they tend to be at least somewhat autobiographical). A more wide-ranging accounting of this era, in a fictional format that could appeal to readers, appeared worthwhile. Part I of this novel sets the stage for it, balancing the things done to Japan with the things Japan had done earlier in the war (which are also addressed in many other works).

To those who feel offended that a person of a given ethnicity should write from the perspective of another, I apologize. “Own voices” may be optimal, but it would seem wrong to suppress a story simply because no one from the relevant culture has chosen to tell it. (As you might expect, at this point few are still alive who experienced the culture of wartime Japan, so I am fortunate to have found one to help as a beta-reader.)

In a similar vein, diversity of characters is desirable in novels, yet options in this case were quite restricted. Even the gender of the protagonist was dictated by the fact a boy would have been swallowed up into the Japanese war machine.

In addition to readers interested in the history of the era, it is my hope that teachers might find this an acceptable way to present details of the period in a manner that intrigues students.

Released 15 August 2020, the 75th anniversary of the end of fighting. Available from any bookstore via Ingram Spark. ISBN-13: 978-0997299359



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