Silver Falchion Winner!

Hello out there in webland. Got some writing news that has me reeling.

I attended the Killer Nashville Writers Conference last weekend. “Marianated Nottingham & Other Abuses of the Language” was up against other entries for Best Anthology, pros with best seller status. So I asked everyone and their cats to vote for Readers Choice, figuring that was the only chance I had to win anything. Turns out one anthology had many authors, all of whom had all of their friends and fans vote (large existing reader bases), so it got over 10,000 votes. Normally about 100 can win this category. Guess what?

Yeah. But thanks to all for trying!

I sat back to relax and enjoy the rest of the awards banquet. Then they got to the judges’ awards (some industry pros, they don’t release names). And I won Best Anthology (the Silver Falchion award, a nice little medal). Whoa! Shocked the H out of me. Couldn’t sleep much Saturday night, then conference & on another panel (writing humor, appropriately) Sunday until 3 p.m., then drive home. Fortunately, made it to the bedroom before CRASHING.

Wheeeeeee! Still not down from the ceiling yet.

News article re: the award

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